Quick and easy access to the water we are needed, it has become the cheapest element in our lives. A few hours lack of water was disrupted everyone’s life. Excessive water consumption in the world and especially the Middle East warns us that we will have serious problems in water resources in the future. And in case of mis-management on surface and subsurface water in the coming years, drought in Iran is not unexpected

Increasing the amount of greenhouse gases and consequently the rise in global temperatures in recent decades, has increased to the extent of arid and dry land.

Unfortunately, industry growth with their long-term undesirable effects destroy the continuation of life on this planet. In this regard, it seems moving along developed countries in better managing water resources is inevitable. We hope that government provide the possibility of creating the water management with national investments and effective measures.

By referring to historical records, we see that Iran was the one of the first countries that executed the water resources management and this represents the culture and perspicacity of Iranians in valuing the vital element.

Advertising properly and efficiently provide the possibility of equaling people with the authorities in order to make a national commitment to deal with this tension. And we hope that the authorities will take the necessary decisions in this case, to keep the country full of water and flourishing.

team members


Shiva Sadeghi

Member of the Board of Directors and Director of Commerce


Mehdi Fakhrakhsh Reflected

Vice Chairman and Executive Technical Vice President


Mehrdad Shatarian

Chairman and CEO