16,12 and 20 mm droplet pipes

16, 12mm and 20mm Tubular Drip Tubes with TFP Brand Polymeric Joint Connectors with Typical Dropper, Pressure Controller (PC) and Surface Pressure Controller (NDPC) Using the world’s most up-to-date machines, knowledge And our nation’s specialist youth workforce, capable of producing more than 60 million metric tons of emitter per year, provides a significant portion of the country’s needs.

The TFP adipose pipe with normal dripper is used for irrigating gardens and farmland as well as urban and indoor green spaces.

This product comes in 200 and 400 meter boxes with different drip distances, according to customer’s order and with proper packaging. Manufactured TFP drip tubes have a quality guarantee with standard 6775 usage guidelines.


Due to the special design of the drippers and the silicone in them, this product has adjustable output discharge adjustment.